But solo albums come first...
Chris Taylor

11:38 18th March 2006

Manic Street Preachers bassist Nicky Wire has denied the band are on the verge of going their separate ways.

Both he and lead singer James Dean Bradfield have been working on solo projects, increasing speculation the Manic’s 2004 album Lifeblood would be their swansong.

However, hoover-lover Wire has confirmed the three-piece are still writing together, and will record new material as soon as he’s got his own shambolic solo project out of the way.

He says, “I've just done a really crappy punky solo album. James has done a solo album and the Manics are writing as well, so lots of stuff going on.

"I'm going to do some gigs and they'll be a mix of baroque comedy and useless guitaring."

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