Singer David Österle goes a bit Superman in the video for the Vienna electrindie band's latest single
Steven Kline
15:00 12th April 2018

If writing about music is like dancing about architecture, then what the hell is writing about a video about dancing about architecture? David Österle, singer with Viennese synth-indie quartet Hearts Hearts, certainly has a good go at personifying the old journalistic cliché in the video for the title track from their second album ‘Goods/Gods’. Twisting and gyrating in the shadow of stately classic-modernist buildings, before rising gracefully above them like a wobbly, floppy-fringed Superman, Österle comes across like Thom Yorke hosting Grand Designs, but touts the sort of stunning tune that Radiohead can only reminisce about these days.

As a band who started making music in a monastery in northern Austria, it’s little wonder that Hearts Hearts’ music has an almost mystical elegance, but ‘Goods/Gods’ is off the scale. Twisting its subtle soul hooks around glacial synth twitters, it pulls you in like the finest Jamie xx or Bon Iver tracks, or Perfume Genius laying off the crescendos. The slash in the title, and in all of the albums other song titles, represents “those in between spaces and undefined borderlines in meaning”, which sounds like another way of saying they don’t really know what the songs are about, but there’s definitely an intangible wonder at the heart (heart) of this post-modern beauty.

Watch the video below. They have a London show at Thousand Island (The Garage) on the 22 May

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Photo: David Merran