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Daniel Melia

10:36 24th January 2008

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Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo last year made known that he had 400 words written for his ‘memoirs’ but it seems the project is moving on apace.

Speaking to Gigwise yesterday (January 23) Cuomo revealed that the book will now take the format of a massive multi-volume tome.

He said: “I’ve quite a lot of material collected now, I’m still working on most every day and I really enjoy it.

“Right now I have eight volumes sketched out.”

The books will take in all of his life, not just his time in Weezer, while one volume looks set to become something of a family history.

He added: “The first book to be released will be 92-94, which is the first few years of the band but I’m also working on an earlier volume dealing with my childhood and also my parents childhood.”

The further six books will cover his time in Weezer post-94 up to the present day.

A deal with a publishers for the 92-94 volume is already on the table although nothing has yet been signed according to Cuomo.

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