...But rep insists it was not intended for Beyonce
Michael Baggs

15:07 3rd January 2014

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The writer of Miley Cyrus' chart topping hit 'Wrecking Ball' has admitted that the song began life during a writing session for Beyonce's album.

Cyrus' hit has long been believed to have originally been intended for the 'XO' superstar, but now a representative for writer Sacha Skarbek has admitted that while the track started life in a writing session for Beyonce, it was clear that the track would be better suited to another artist. Namely Miley.

"'Wrecking Ball' was not written for Beyoncé," said the rep, in a statement to US website Radar. "Originally, the [songwriting session between Dr. Luke and Sacha] was booked to write a song for Beyoncé.

"But as the song ['Wrecking Ball'] progressed, the songwriters realised the song would not work for her."

Rumours begun about the original plans for the track in September 2013, when fans pieced together a number of clues, hinting at the history of 'Wrecking Ball'.

In December 2012, songwriter Sacha Skarbek wrote on Twitter that a song he had written for Beyonce was being recorded by the former Disney child star. He wrote: "Beyonce song now becoming a Miley Cyrus song?!! Good/bad? I don't know??!!!!"

When quizzed by a fan about the track, Skarbek replied simply: "Ask Dr Luke."

Both Skarbek and Dr Luke are credited as writers on 'Wrecking Ball', as revealed in the track's listing on The American Society Of Composers, Authors and Publishers - leading to suggestions that 'Wrecking Ball' is the song in question. See below.

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