Suge Knight seems to think so....
Lowri Williams

10:59 26th September 2005
EminemThe recently shot head of Death Row Records, Suge Knight has announced that he wants to talk with Eminem about THAT racist mix tape of his.

The forgotten mix tape which was uncovered by the ‘Source’ magazine has been the cause of a lot of grief for Eminem, on it he calls black women ‘bitches’ and ‘Gold diggers’, comments that have obviously got Suge’s goat.

Knight wants to have it out with the white rapper and is giving him the chance to attend a meeting with him.

He said to XXL Magazine: "When Eminem came out, I liked him. I thought he could rap, and I thought he was funny... But when you start saying black women are n**ger bitches and gold diggers, then I've got a problem because I've got a mother, I've got daughters.

"You cross a line when you start stereotyping a race. Eminem is making his money off black people and black culture, then turning around and degrading black women. He's a racist."

Now thats controversial...Watch this space…

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