'One of 2013's slow build, word of mouth bands'
Michael Baggs

16:51 15th May 2013

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There are certain bands you wouldn't want to see on a Tuesday night. Justice, for instance. Foo Fighters. Lord Huron, on the other hand, are perfect for the least eventful day of the week. Enough to lift the spirits, but not raucous enough to require buckets of beer to fully enjoy.

The US band performed their packed, hot and sweaty show at London's iconic Scala venue. A few short months ago they performed just up the road at The Lexington - which is essentially a pub with a decent-sized upstairs room for bands. The growth in Lord Huron's fanbase in such a short time is testament to their brilliance and destiny to be one of 2013's slow build, word of mouth bands.

Performing tracks from debut album Lonesome Dreams, the five-piece filled the stage with a sense of stateside charm - frontman Ben Schneider perhaps one of the few artists who could take to a UK stage and carry off a non-ironic cowboy hat during the show. Schneider also comes across as the sort of wholesome, decent chap who would lay his jacket (tweed) over a puddle for a female companion to cross without getting her shoes wet.

Easily likened to Fleet Foxes, Lord Huron have enough style (and most of all the songs) to rise above comparisons with other bands. Standouts included album tracks 'She Lit A Fire' and 'Lullaby', during which the band left Schneider on the stage alone to perform a haunting solo performance of the album's most sombre and soothing track. Closing the show on 'Time To Run', the band's most rousing and joyous moment, Lord Huron united the crowd in a moderate, Tuesday-appropriate jig. The perfect show for the most uneventful day of the week.

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