Mount Kimbie, Diagnos, Arcade Fire and more compelling new music

12:01 15th July 2017

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This week saw the fourth and final release before Arcade Fire release their new album, a second career collaboration between Mount Kimbie and King Krule. These two big releases fit in and amongst some more left field stuff. A particularly arresting track comes in the form of an exclusive from Swedish indie label Control Freak Kitten. Their artist Diagnos has written a despondent slice of electronica that can't help but pull you down into his haunted world. That and a lot more great tracks are all below for your listening pleasure.

Authors: Charlotte Hayne (CH), AP Childs (AC), Nick Roseblade (NR), Cai Trefor (CT)

Mount Kimbie (feat. King Krule) - 'Blue Train Lines'

Following hit collaboration with King Krule in 2013, Mount Kimbie are back with a collaboration track from their latest album “Love What Survives”, scheduled for release in September 2017. Featuring King Krule for the second time, this track takes a new but equally potent direction. Just like, ‘You took your time’, ‘Blue train lines’ will sit with you, burrowing in under your skin. It balances light and shade with skill, holding back and pulling you in a game of cat and mouse. The urgency is there from the opening, a white noise ‘who left the TV on?’ sound lies over the track opener and functions as a sonic version of a vintage snapchat filter. The track pushes you forward but manages to keep a modesty to the sound that is a trojan horse for Krule’s beating lyrics. Taken together, the effect is a fresh wash of cold ice that commands you to sit up and listen. (CH)

Diagnos - 'Walking Down'

Diagnos, or Marcus Harrling and Per Nyström, are lynchpins of Stockholm’s independent scene and formerly the nucleus of The Concretes, Monster and Sons of Cyrus to name but a few. Harrling first approached Nyström with the idea of a project to develop soundtracks for the super 8 travel films he had shot, before further improvisations with film and literature took hold. Walking Down’ is a more subdued snapshot of an emotive album released today on CFK Records - and is textured, varied, poetic and even folky in its make-up. Magic State’s Nadine Byrne provides a minimal repetition vocal adding to the track’s hypnotic tranquility alongside droned electronics. Don’t be put off by its melancholia, it comes from an album that strides phat beats, 80s NYC noise and 70s Swedish Prog highlighting the versatility and compelling draw of the Diagnos project. APC. (AC)

Sextile - 'Situations'

Sextile’s new release 'Situations' builds upon previous industrial post-punk flailer A Thousand Hands'. Their third track hails from new album Albeit Living which is released today. Back with vengeance this track is an assaulting juddering chaos monster that flirts with your sense of harmony, jittering you into a new understanding of where tuneful can go. Star jumping with synth this zooming track trumpets out a regular conversation that is reminiscent of 80s puppet brothers Sooty and Sweep. Listen out for it. See what I mean? (CH)

The Surfing Magazines - 'New Day'

With an arresting opener this surf track of endorphin release grabs you from the start ,bundles you into a truck and takes you on a roadtrip. Simultaneously soothing and lifting, the vocals support rather than lead. Bristling with good times and whiskey soaked riffs this is a hybrid weirdpop Americana wave that will take you all the way to Wonderland Avenue. The track sits far above their recent releases, classically set, bringing history into the present. One to play on repeat. Touring the UK in August and September you can also catch their debut festival appearance at End of the Road. (CH)

Luke Rathbourne - 'Don't Call me Baby and I wish I was a Bird'

Rathbourne has that quality of making music that sounds immediately familiar on first listen. Don your dungarees and live out your own Dawson's Creek Drama to his wistful wooing on new track ‘Don’t Call me Baby’. Peppered with Indie vibrato, his vocal sits warmly ensconced by a pacey melody that journeys from a pained set up to a feel good finish. Track 'I wish I was a Bird' released on same day, takes a far heavier garage grunge monotone, lolloping from lovelorn to a rhythmic spacey future where instrumental interludes save the day. If you want to low level wallow-rotate and really enjoy it, then this is a track to ignore the world to. (CH)

Arcade Fire - 'Electric Blue'

Arcade Fire have shared the latest taste of their much-anticipated new album, with fourth single 'Electric Blue' The track, which sees Régine Chassagne take lead vocals, comes along with a video shot during Mardi Gras season in New Orleans, with Chassagne dancing through the streets of the city as cleaners struggle to cope with mountains of litter in the aftermath of the parade. The bright guitar, synths, deep bass and high falsetto vocals combine to create a funky dancefloor friendly pop anthem - one that only helps to fuel our desire to get the new album. (CT)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - 'An Intention'

In a world that is obsessed with hit singles, play counts and synching it up to as many films and adverts as possible, it’s refreshing that there are still musicians like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Instead of going for the easy win, Smith has created a body of work that asks as many questions as it answers. Her new single ‘An Intention’ is a brooding and ethereal workout that showcases her trademark mixture of soaring vocals and inventive electronics. But this time there is a playfulness that rewards on repeat listens. This is the first insight into her new album ‘The Kid’, which is released on 6 October through Western Vinyl. (NR)

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