The first band to perform inside the world’s biggest microwave...
Elli Chappelhow

17:30 23rd May 2019

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After signing on the dotted line with Parlophone last year, The Snuts have been doing everything right; an abundance of upcoming festival appearances, a string of solid indie bangers, and now a brilliant new video to top it all off, which you can watch first exclusively here on Gigwise.
The video takes place inside an 80s teleshopping channel - literally. The Snuts spin on a rotating platform inside a microwave that’s on display. And, of course, they’re slurping on a bottle of Bucky while they do it. How Scottish of ‘em. 
On the mad storyline, lead singer Jack Cochrane comments: “we joked about the microwave concept when when we were recording in LA earlier in the year because it felt like at times we were being fried inside these mad studio sessions. Quickly then it became a challenge to be the first band to perform inside the worlds biggest microwave - which is exactly what we did.”

The video ends with the members clambering over the drum kit, the song reaching its boiling point inside the malfunctioning microwave - which proceeds to blow up. Remember kids: don’t leave your drum kit in there, metal doesn’t agree with microwaves!
The track ‘All Your Friends’, is getting its first airplay on none other than Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio 6 slot. Packed to the brim with all that tasty indie rock energy, get ready to file The Snuts in your ‘most promising indie guitar bands’ section of your roladex. 

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Photo: Rosie Matheson