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Evie Gower
13:22 5th December 2022

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It’s the season - mulled wine, Last Christmas by Wham! and Spotify wrapped. As someone who doesn’t really understand the point of strict personality types (how can you get in my brain from something so made up???)

didn’t really understand why Spotify added this feature but I went along with it anyway. For those who also have the weakest understanding of Myers-Briggs, which Spotify has rebranded, it is 16 personality types to define what kind of person you are - obviously, the Spotify version is what kind of listener you are, using these four main characteristic scales:  

Familiarity (F) vs. Exploration (E)

Loyalty (L) vs. Variety (V)

Timelessness (T) vs. Newness (N)

Commonality (C) vs. Uniqueness (U)

If anyone was curious, I was given EVNU, or the Adventurer, which seemed like a nice way of saying I get bored easily and will skip songs once I’ve finished the bridge (which all my friends will tell you is my most annoying trait.) Spotify describes it as ‘[a] venture out into the unknown’ which sounds very funky, but I don’t know if I agree with this because twenty-six (26!!!!!) of my top songs were by Matt Maltese. Which doesn’t feel particularly explorative to me - most new music I find gets played once, added to my liked songs and a monthly playlist, and occasionally I’ll get around to playing the entire album it comes from.

SO - for everyone else curious about what other options were there for them when Spotify gave their assessment: here’s the article for you. I’m putting on my Louis Theorux hat and exploring what the biggest stereotype is for your new personality type.

THE EARLY ADOPTER is someone looking for the latest trend, and they probably have Midnights on right now.

THE DEEP DIVER is someone who dives through an entire catalogue from an artist. Perfect for fans of artists with an expansive discography, like The Strokes or Arctic Monkeys. 

THE DEVOTEE is a typical superfan of a specific artist. I think Harry Styles fans were probably most likely to get this result - or Taylor fans, again.

THE REPLAYER is a comfort listener. For the friend who finds a song they love and plays it over and over until they’re sick of it.

THE CONNOISSEUR is someone who listens to the current popular sound - everyone enjoys when they have the aux, because it’s all known music. It’s almost definitely a guaranteed result if you find new music through tiktok.

THE MAVERICK is the listener who steps aside from the mainstream. For your cool friend who’s always at an underground gig, or finding local musicians in pubs and bars. 

THE FANCLUBBER is the artist’s dream super fan. Someone whose entire wardrobe is merch and posters cover their walls: they buy all the albums on vinyl and go to every tour. 

THE TOP CHARTER is the listener who focuses more on songs than specific artists. The listener who finds new music through Now! CDs or advertisements on TV - they love the radio chart show, and tune in every weekend. 

THE ENTHUSIAST is the listener who presaves new singles by their favourite artist. I don’t have a type here, because it should be everyone!! Presave new music to promote it more - if you do, you’re a truly dedicated listener.  

THE TIME TRAVELLER wants music new to them, but it might not be modern. A result for the listener who loved Running Up That Hill and heard it first in Stranger Things.

THE MUSICOLOGIST mixes past and present and all the genres. For the people who loved their parents’ music tastes growing up and kept it with them to this day.

THE ADVENTURER is someone who looks for new songs, the unknown to them. If they don’t already, they should definitely look at the Gigwise Hello Tomorrow feature!

THE NOMAD goes far and wide, but has one track or artist that they continually return to. This is one for the person who always listens to their Discover Weekly, but goes back to their liked songs after one listen.

THE GLOBETOTTER goes all over, exploring through sound. Perfect for people who listen to music in multiple languages. 

THE JUKEBOXER has many different favourite songs. If you ask them their karaoke song, they’ll give you at least five. 

THE SPECIALIST is selective with their musical choices, but once they find a fave they’re a fan forever. This one is for the swifties who love her with their whole heart and will only accept music that sounds influenced by her. 

I hope this helped you understand this new personality type better: your listening is perfect as it is, even if you think Spotify assessed it incorrectly!

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