Our favourite tracks from November
13:15 7th December 2022

The year is speeding to a close with the majority of this years albums out and done. But as the big industry wraps up, our favourite rising stars are still busy. November turned out to be a huge month for singles and EP, as new artists threw their hat into the ring as a declaration of promise for 2023. 

With a mix of new sad girl favourites provided by Emma Bradley and Prima Queen, and angstier selects from The Haunted Youth or dance floor fillers from NOISY - it was a mixed bag of greatness.

Handpicked by the Gigwise team, here are some of our November highlights…

'Fingers of Steel' - shame

The South London outfit are back with an energetic first single off their upcoming record Food for Worms. It masterfully combines post-punk with elements of its predecessor genre of punk as well as synergising it with melodies akin to those one would hear in 1980s British indie music and even Beatles-esque at times. This is a strong follow-up to shame’s critically acclaimed 2021 record Drunk Tank Pink. - Aleksandr Smirnov 

'Gone' - The Haunted Youth

The Haunted Youth’s blissful dream-pop debut has been on heavy rotation this month, pulling together a scintillating and unique blend of shoegaze, emo and 80s style synthwave for a late 2022 album highlight.

However, one track in particular stands out more than the rest and that is Track 4, 'Gone'. A glorious 7-minute epic, it’s a beautifully hazy blend of shimmering synths and glistening guitars that’ll quickly whisk you away to audio heaven. - Karl Blakesley

'God Turn Me Into a Flower' - Weyes Blood

Although 'God Turn Me Into a Flower' by Weyes Blood only really consists of about three verses, and is purely instrumental for a lot of the track, it's one of her most impressive songs yet. At over six minutes long, it boasts stunning vocals, vulnerable lyrics and a heavenly melody enhanced by Natalie Mering's exquisite harmonies. As Natalie's voice fades out towards the end, the track begins to evolve into a calming birdsong, which somehow makes it the perfect outro. - Lauren Cox

'Butter Knife' - Prima Queen

More poetry than pop, Prima Queen step into a spoken word flow on ‘Butter Knife’ that sets it apart from anything they’re shared previously. Focussed on the heartbreak of slowly losing a loved one to illness, it’s a heart wrenchingly beautiful piece that seems to have a special magic for capturing childhood nostalgia. - Lucy Harbron

'Leech' - Dream Wife

Dream Wife make an exhilarating and cathartic return with their first new material since 2020 in the track  Leech As a band with a reputation for a fierce live show, championing bodily autonomy, ‘Leech” addresses the double standards of power.”‘Its an anthem for empathy. and for solidarity” they said. “"We wanted to write something that feels like letting an animal out of a cage. Its out. And its out for blood.” - Carmel Walsh-Davighi

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