Can anyone think of a good Kravitz penis pun?
Andrew Trendell

15:08 4th August 2015

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Lenny Kravitz fans got more than they bargained for when the guitar icon suffered a most unfortunate wardrobe malfunction and his penis was exposed on stage. 

The 'American Woman' rocker was performing at Gröna Lund theme park in Stockholm last night (Monday 3 August) when his trousers split open during the first song.

With his penis obviously on show, he was forced to leave the stage for a short while to change his trousers. 

“The producer stepped up and said that they had some problems on stage. A bit later Kravitz came out wearing other trousers. He said 'sorry, I ripped my trousers',” a fan named Sara told the Expressen.

“It was insane, I killed myself laughing. And then I called my mum who was there at the show as well. Her reaction was the same and she almost killed herself laughing too."

We struggled to think up any good Lenny Kravitz penis puns. All suggestions are welcome. 

  • Florence + The Machine: Nothing gets in the way of Florence Welch and a good stage dive, even if that stage dive involves her jumping hard onto the floor and breaking her foot in the process. She only discovered the damage after having done a good deal more jumping and running up and down.

  • The Edge: It was almost too generous a gift to headline writers throughout the land when U2's The Edge lived up to his name and fell off the edge of the stage quite catastrophically. Watching the footage, even knowing what's about to happen, you find yourself shouting at the screen: "Watch where you're about to step David!" Possibly the most dramatic fall of the year so far, and yet he was completely fine.

  • Harry Styles: Call it posturing if you like, but One Direction's Harry Styles does ooze more cool than his fellow bandmates. Unfortunately, during a gig in San Diego this summer, he tripped and fell over his own cool. After a fall that began as a mere stumble and somehow turned into quite a spectacular face plant, Liam Payne interrupted the song to laugh, while Styles sat on the ground and regained his composure.

  • Dave Grohl: If you're a Gigwise reader and you're not already well-versed in Dave Grohl's ridiculous heroics/foolishness, you should hang your head in stage. The Foo Fighters frontman fell off the edge of the stage in Sweden, breaking his leg. Refusing to end the gig early though, he got the paramedics to quickly plaster it up, and then carried on performing from a chair.

  • St. Vincent: We're not EXACTLY saying that this was inevitable, but Annie Clark has developed quite a taste for climbing up stacks of speakers of late. We can't say we were surprised then, when she tumbled onto a security guard in Knoxville when the top of a stack of speakers dislodged. Thankfully, the security guard caught her, and they both suffered only cuts and bruises. It was a bit of a wake-up call: "It was so horrifying. It was really emotional and horrible, and luckily he was totally okay. It's one thing to think, ;I'll get a bruise, I'll get this or that,' but it's another to think that in a moment of spontaneity you could actually hurt someone."

  • Diddy: After Lil Kim had risen like a phoenix through a specially built hole in the stage at the BET Awards, it was down that very same hole that Diddy did plummet a few minutes later. It was a disappearing act that the greatest of magicians could only dream of.

  • Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga's past outfits include a dress made of meat, one made out of stuffed toys, a giant egg and a pair of 10-inch heel-less platforms, and yet it was in a conservative silver ball gown that she took a nose-dive in Monaco during her Cheek To Cheek tour.

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