His daily rant...
Daniel Melia

11:54 14th November 2005

Noel GallagherNoel Gallagher is officially a grumpy old man; he should go on that BBC2 TV programme so he can condense all his rants in to one half hour show.

His latest target is R n’ B and Hip Hop stars and the people who buy their music. Gallagher told Australian website Timeoff.com: "I fucking hate it, all the people that make that kind of music and all the people that buy it. When you see the videos of some guy throwing 100 dollar bills over a naked woman lying on a bed with a dog leash around her fucking neck... what the fuck is all that about? That to me doesn't seem to be right somehow."

He continued: "Back in the '70s and '80s, if that was done by a rock 'n' roll band, it'd be called sexist and there'd be shock, horror and outrage. For some reason, hip-hop artists tend to get away with that. It's all about the bling and the money.”

“The critical thing about these fuckers is they go on about 'increase the peace' and getting kids to stay in school, but they're all raving crack heads. It's a fake form of music to me, and they're all a bunch of idiots anyway."

Noel Gallagher, the voice of reason for the ageing Britpop generation.

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