It seems 'Nana JJ' has some scary soothsayer powers
Alexandra Pollard

09:33 25th April 2016

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Beyonce released her sixth album, Lemonade, in the form of an hour-long HBO film over the weekend. Despite its numerous guest collaborations and huge visual production, details of the album stayed completely secret until its release. Well, almost completely secret.

One Twitter user, who claims to be a 68-year-old grandma and music producer, has been tweeting details of Lemonade for nearly a year now, despite having zero followers until a few days ago.

“B6 will have 12 tracks,” she tweeted in August 2015. “B6 will be a tidal exclusive.” OK, we probably all could have guessed that one, but she goes on to predict the release date, and how many letters are in the album title.

Whoever this soothsayer is, we remain sceptical as to whether she’s actually a 68-year-old grandma. But who knows?

  • When she said goodbye to Kelly: Bey cropped former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland out of an Aaliyah tribute photo she posted on Instagram, assuring her perf face is dead center (she's even shifting Aaliyah slightly out of shot).This would have been all fine and dandy, except Kelly had hours before posted the image with herself still in it :(. Maybe Beyonce wasn't keen on Kelly's 90s mum hair? [Photos: Beyonce Instagram/Kelly Rowland Instagram]

  • When she let Kelly know there's only one lead vocalist: Back in the 90s when Destiny's Child were still a four-piece, with La thingy and La whats-she-called the band did an interview in which Kelly eagerly enthused she was the "second lead vocalist". Bless her. Beyonce's reaction is priceless - she raises her eyebrows, coughs, and gives Poor Kelly a serious case of stink-eye. We bet Kels was on back up vocals duty for MONTHS.

  • When she gave Kelly & Michelle the shittest outfits: Beyonce's mum Tina Knowles was DC's stylist and made all of their outfits. Unfortunately, this meant Beyonce always looked great and Kelly and Michelle looked terrible. Take this example - Michelle resembles a overworked secretary who sewed some flowers to her only good suit in her sleep, whilst Kelly is wearing a trilby. A TRILBY.

  • When she released 'Bow Down': When Bey released the swaggering 'Bow Down' [pre-reincarnation as feminist anthem '***Flawless], we all loved it, nodding along wildly whilst exclaiming the likes of "Yassss, Beyonce! Queen!", blissfully unaware of the shade she was pouring on all of us. "I know when you were little girls, you dreamt of being in my world," she sang so sweetly we didn't even care she was basically ripping our pathetic lives to shreds. Bow down, indeed.

  • When she only let the X Factor winner join her for one tour date: When Queen Bey appeared on the X Factor to tell the three finalists (we've forgotten their names already) the winner would join her on her Mrs Carter tour, we were shocked. It was a better prize than being signed to Simon Cowell's label, tbh. However, it came to light eventual 'winner' Sam Bailey would be invading Bey's holy stage just for the one show. And yes, that's in Birmingham, not at London's O2.

  • When she posed in front of Jesus: Everyone (religious people) was up in arms when Bey struck a pose in front of a depiction of the famous Last Supper image. "Is nothing sacred anymore? This is clearly an act of disrespect towards Jesus Christ, whom Beyoncé covers up with her pose," fumed American Family Association chairman Tim Wildmon. [Photo: Beyonce Instagram]

  • When she made Kelly & Michelle her backing dancers at the SuperBowl: The trio reunited for a brief, amazing medley of Destiny's Child songs, but Kelly and Michelle were quickly relegated to backing dancer status when Beyonce's massive solo hit 'Single Ladies' began. It was awkward and painful and we really hope they're okay.

  • When she wore leather and cowhide to a vegan restaurant: We began to doubt whether Bey was taking her and Jay Z's 22 day vow of veganism seriously when she rocked up to vegan eatery Crossroads in a cowhide and leather top. Absolutely no fucks given.

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