New politically subversive video for band fronted by Tim Commerford of Rage Against The Machine
Cai Trefor

12:29 4th April 2017

Wakrat have unveiled a new video for 'Sober Addiction' where they rage against Trump, Religion, the military and corporate America. Watch it first on Gigwise below.

The videofeatures scenes of the tight-as-glue heavy rockers smashing it on stage and exposing their Rage Against The Machine roots with such melodic yet hard-hitting passages of music. Meanwhile, Commerford hilariously dresses up in a middle finger costume and walks up to every aspect of American authority that makes him sick to the stomach.

He wanders into Starbucks, outside a police station, a voting booth, an armed forces career centre, numerous banks, and religious establishments. It's at the latter he gets the most chastised. None of these scenes are staged and he goes around provoking a reaction, saying what he thinks in the most bold, fearless way imaginable.

Commerford is a proud anti-war activist, a champion of cutting the illusion that we live in a free state by pointing out how closely the police curtail privacy, and he seems nobly stirred by anything that perpetuates neoliberalism.

As for Trump, the video sees a placard that has the words: "Donald Trump you are what's wrong with this country not US."

No strangers to controversy, Wakrat have grown notorious for standing up for what they believe in. Last July they staged one of the most daring political stunts in Punk history as they claimed Parliament Square in London as their own sovereign state… Republic Of Wakrat. This new protest state, as explained on the official website:

“This new state welcomes everyone of all ethnicities, backgrounds, genders, generations, sexualities dis/abilities and faiths and offers a fresh alternative to the current system - we stand for equality and free movement. The current system is oppressive and elitist, promoting racist ideologies in order to push a self-serving agenda whilst an entire generation is put jeopardy. We condemn this behavior and Republic Of Wakrat exists to expose it.”

Wakrat will play Download Festival and Tim Commerford will play with Prophets Of Rage there, too.

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