Watch the band speak with their producer in front of the mixing desk they used for their triumphant fifth studio album
Cai Trefor

20:16 11th October 2017

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The Horrors have unveiled the second part of a filmed conversation they had with Paul Epworth in Church Studios - the studio they crafted their critically-acclaimed new album, V. Watch it first on Gigwise below.

Their chat offers an insight into the creation of the final five songs on the album, which includes their massive single 'Something To Remember Me By'.

The 15-minute watch is an essential one for any fan of the band, gear nerds who like to stare at beautiful studio equipment, or anyone remotely interested in the process of making an album with a top producer: Paul Epworth has worked with Adele and Stone Roses in the same studio.

We don't want to give away too much, but a few stand out moments include: hearing them say what influences inspired certain sections; how being in a world class studio freed them from the stress of fixing sound prompting them to play with more excitment; the reaction to the songs live so far; and Paul Epworth explaining what he thinks is strongest piece of songwriting on the record. Watch it in full below.

The first part of the track-by-track was premiered on The Independent and accounts for the first five songs. In the clip Epworth speaks highly of the group and praises how swift they were to work with: "It's definitely one of the most rewarding times I've had in a studio." Tom Furse, keyboardist, also speaks about the dub influence being prominent throughout.

Meanwhile, Faris Badwan talks up Epworth's influence on the single 'Machine', and says he pushed it in a direction that makes it more successful than it would have been. And Faris, quite amusingly, speaks about spending 10 days on one line of a verse on 'Point of Really'.

Watching it brings you closer to the record than ever. Don't miss out:

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