Saying he just wanted them to get flu...
Daniel Melia

13:57 9th January 2006

Noel GallagherBack in the heyday of Britpop you may remember that Noel Gallagher wished Blur members Damon Albarn and Alex James would “get aids”, well now he says he didn’t mean it.

Gallagher says that he was set up by a scheming journalist while he under the influence of chemical substances.

He told XFM of the incident: “It was kinda a bit of a stitch up by the journalist. I was in this dressing room after we played Irvine Beach in that Big Top, and we were all fucked taking drugs - she was taking drugs an all, and I won’t name her on the fucking radio because that’s probably not the best thing legally to do - but I kinda thought we were speaking off the record, but of course there was a tape recorder on.”

He added: “But, there you go. I obviously don’t wish that… A bad cold I should have said. Flu maybe?”

Gallagher also said he now regrets his rant against KT Tunstall when he associated her with James Blunt. He said: "I gotta say this, I was in Q magazine a while ago slagging off KT Tunstall, and I was kind of shocked at that cos I’d only been speaking to her ten minutes before and I don’t really mind her music and she’s a really sweet girl.”

“I really didn’t mean to lump her in with James Blunt, it’s just that she plays an acoustic guitar. I apologise for that cos I thought she was really cool but I was kinda horrified. I was like ‘Oh no, I didn’t say that?’ cos she was alright and she’s not as bad as James Blunt. He’s rubbish.”

However he continued he feud with Bloc Party by attacking their highbrow tendencies. “Every time I read an interview by that shower. It’s like they’re talking about their favourite music, ‘Yeah, I heard a Bjork B-side that was interesting…’ People that analyse music? It’s either good or its bad. So it either makes sense to your brain or it doesn’t.

“There’s no such thing as interesting. I’ve never sat down and listened to a record and gone and analysed it that much that that I was ‘interested’. It’s like, put it on and within two minutes you’re going, ‘Its rubbish, turn it off, turn it off!’ or stick it on again.”

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