Life was just too much...
Daniel Melia

11:25 22nd February 2006

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Purveyor of never doom Morrissey has revealed that he doesn’t really know how he made it through the Smiths and that his life only really began to make sense when the band ended.

Answering questions from fans on tribute site, Mozza said: “I find it shocking to look back at the period of The Smiths and to reflect upon the magnitude of doom that surrounded me every single day. I have no idea how I made it through my 20s. Grit?”

“It was impossible for me to agree to any aspect of life or to compromise with it. I think I doomed myself. The terms of my connections with other people were dreadful, and I couldn't ever manage to feel responsible for my own life.”

He added on the demise of The Smiths: “When Johnny ended The Smiths I was forced to go solo, and I found myself going further with all my experiences of life, and, although Johnny didn't intend it to, it helped me.”

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Photo: Stuart Antrobus