He did not grope 16-year-old waitress…
Davina Earl

12:35 26th February 2006

Paul McCartney’s younger brother, Mike, has been cleared of sexually harassing a sixteen-year-old waitress.

The 61-year-old was charged with feeling the teenager’s bum in a Wirral pub in 2004, but judge Elgan Edwards confirmed he left court “without a stain on his character.”

The girl claimed that Mike had placed his hand on her thigh and then moved it to her bottom, but McCartney protested he had simply touched the girl’s back in a ‘fatherly’ way while asking if there were any more prawns. Bet it’s put him off seafood for life.

Mr McCartney described the experience as ‘a living hell,’ saying: "It is a monstrosity that a wholly innocent man has been publicly named and linked to a charge of sexual assault, which to the ordinary person means rape.” Edwards agreed saying: "Two young girls have had the agony of waiting for 17 months to give evidence and the defendant, a man of exemplary character, has had the matter hanging over his head as well. It is quite inexcusable and makes a mockery of legal proceedings."

McCartney, however, thanked his family, particularly Paul, for standing by him: "I want to thank my family, including my big brother, who has been a rock of support during this attempt to soil our family name."

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