Things can only get better...
Daniel Melia

12:25 17th March 2006

The first day of the annual SXSW turned out to be a mixed bag for British bands as some triumphed and some bombed.

Firstly Editors had to cut short their highly anticipated set after front man Tom Smith lost his voice half way through.

Then Dirty Pretty Things also had to play a shortened set when proceedings at the Eternal overran and Police stopped the show.

A band source told the NME: "Everything was running late from the beginning. The Flaming Lips came on late, Dirty Pretty Things didn't go on stage until just after 12:30 played five numbers before the plug was pulled on (bassist) Didz.”

"The band tried to play on, but the police arrived and flashed their badges at the tour manager and the soundman, with arrests looking likely the band had to leave the stage. The band are very frustrated as it was their first show in US."

But probably the funniest hard luck story of the day was that of Zutons front man Dave McCabe who spent the whole time sober.

You need ID to buy any alcoholic drinks and McCabe left his passport on the plane.

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