He's a liar says Flea...
Daniel Melia

12:10 21st April 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player Flea has taken a pretty hefty swipe at George W. Bush, calling for him to be impeached.

Posting on the bands official website Flea wrote: “George W Bush should definitely be impeached, he is a liar and his lies have bought misery to millions of people and bought no good to anyone except for the corporate oil billionaires who are making huge profits.”

On the Iraq war he went on to say: “W Bush has made the world a much less safe place. Before the war Iraq was not a place for terrorists. Saddam Hussein, brutal dictator that he was, was secular and had nothing to do with Al Queda.”

“The people of Iraq are no better off at all. all those people want is for the Americans to leave decent families and people like you and I who never wanted America there in the first place.”

He then moved his attention to the current stand-off with Iran, saying: “I pray to god that George W Bush and his administration does not invade Iran. It would be a bloodbath. Why don’t they just leave the Iranians alone and go through the United nations and work on making the United Nations as strong and as just as possible.”

“An invasion of Iran would be the worst possible thing that could happen i pray to god that it does not happen.”

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