In strip-club toilets...
Chris Taylor

10:29 15th July 2006

Eminem is wanted for questioning by police after it was alleged he assaulted a man in the bathroom of a strip-club in his native Detroit.

A man only identified as Miad J claims Eminem punched him in the face several times in the rest room of the Cheetah strip-joint on the city’s 8 Mile road, made famous by the Eminem bio-pic of the same name.

Miad told Detroit's Channel 7 Action News he was attacked after telling one the rapper’s bodyguard’s to “ease up” after they told a man who had the temerity started speaking to Eminem whilst he was using the facilities to shut up.

He told the channel, “Eminem got done and boom! He started swinging. I wasn't even expecting it. I was just minding my own business and taking a leak.”

According to witness reports, Trick Trick, a rapper in Eminem’s entourage then pulled out a gun as the group drove away from the club.

The police say they want to hear Eminem’s account of the alleged incident before considering whether to recommend prosecution.

This year has been a terrible one for Eminem – real name Marshall Mathers - already. The Stan singer – who is on a break from showbusiness – has already seen his remarriage to Kim Mathers end after barely three months, and his D-12 bandmate and best friend Proof was shot and killed at a Detroit bar in April.

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