With The Kooks taking the brunt of their ire...
Chris Taylor

22:15 30th July 2006

Popsters The Pipettes have exerted their girl power by laying into a number of their indie-boy contemporaries.

The Brighton three-piece – currently riding on the crest of success from their debut album ‘We Are The Pipettes’ – have slammed Razorlight, branded Dirty Pretty Things “the worst band in the world” and called Pete Doherty “just a celebrity who’s renowned for being a smack head”.

However, it’s The Kooks who really get the girls’ goats - especially after witnessing Lily Allen’s old stage-school mate Luke Pritchard claim their home-town crowd as his own when the bands played together at this year’s Great Escape festival.

Becki fumes in a new radio interview, “They were like, ‘It’s really nice to be home,’ and they’re not even from Brighton! Music integrity, please? Luke said, ‘It’s something of a homecoming for me.’ F**k off!

“We hate the Kooks… we have to dislike them because they were made at the same stage school as Rooster!”

Whilst Gwenno - who, as a native of Wales, is free from such territorial concerns - thinks the singer should improve his manners – and his choice of head wear.

She says, “When he was on Jonathan Ross, he had his legs up on the sofa and he was just being a rude little boy. We haven’t got the time for those kind of boys… and that stupid straw hat he wears!”

However, the band have only constructive criticism for fellow newcomers The Horrors – advising them to pull their stylish fingers out if they want to fulfil their potential.

Becki explains, “The Horrors could be a really great band, but they choose to be style over content, and that’s why I’m a bit annoyed at them because they could be a really good band musically, but they’re just so lazy.

“They never rehearse and just can’t be arsed. They just go, ‘Well, we look really good and that’s all that matters…’ and that whole style over content thing is really annoying.”

You tell ‘em girls!

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