They says it makes teenagers moan...
Scott Colothan

12:57 29th September 2006

Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan has been venting his bile again – this time attacking emo.

The singer claims that the genre does nothing for teenagers, and all it does is have a negative effect on them.

Meighan is clearly livid about the impact that bands like My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco are having on the UK.

Meighan ranted: “I keep hearing how emo music is bringing kids together and that it's got these positive messages and all that, but if it's damaging teenagers and if it's making them depressed, how can that be a good thing?

"All it causes is moaning teenagers. There's nothing positive from it. People tell me it's doing something for the kids, but all it's doing is making them moan all the time.

He continued to mtv: "It may upset people, but emo is dead in my eyes. F--- emo. Just enjoy the world. Teenagers are better than that, man. I want to tell them to be positive about life.

“You've been brought up well by your parents, so don't sit around in your bedroom cutting your wrists. Grow up."

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Photo: Chris Birkinshaw