After Sunday night's Birmingham show...
Daniel Melia

10:01 3rd October 2006

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The Noisettes have apologised for their verbal attack on Pete Doherty after their gig in Birmingham last night.

As previously reported on Gigwise the band abandoned their set in support of Babyshambles after  a number of incidents including Doherty taking to the stage.

After the show guitarist Dan Smith blasted Doherty via Myspace saying: “I'd just like to say, Pete, what the fuck were you doing coming out onstage while we were setting up to play? Are you really that much of an egomaniac or did you want to actually sabotage our show?”

After a little reflection however, Smith retracted the statement in a separate post, he said: “I'm sorry- I don't mean any ill will to Pete and the rest of the Babyshambles- I don't really know Pete and I’m sure he didn’t really mean any harm.”

Speaking about the dislocation of singer Shingai’s shoulder during the show he added: “Drew (Babyshambles) actually was back there trying to reset Shingai's shoulder and those guys have been really nice to us for the whole tour. Nigel got all our gear off the stage and bailed us out in Dublin when our van died.”

“I just got really upset seeing my friend Shing in such pain and I’m more angry with myself for just being useless in the face of all this - I kind of froze - didn’t know what to do.”

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