A pristine parcel of a cappella yearning
Andy Hill
13:00 1st May 2018

Take a shade under two minutes to get lost in an alternate universe of deft vocal sorcery courtesy of Amsterdam-born Pitou.

Don’t get us wrong: when we say it’s a cappella, overlaid with recurring one-woman harmonies, we’re not lumping Pitou in with your garden-variety open-mic-loop-pedal brigade. That’d be comparing a layby cheeseburger with a sliver of prime Kobe steak.

No, her insistent, one-chord recursive entreaty to "be delicate" atomises on the eardrum like diamond-coloured ocean spray.

Regimented but gentle. Mechanical but empathic. Like Tinkerbell serenading you from the far side of a wormhole, or an archangel contemplating eternity in some heavenly hall of mirrors.

“I still need you to tell me I did well,” pleads the lead vocal, at once laser-keen and crippled by doubt.

Done and done.

Her mini-album, I Fall Asleep So Fast, is out on 11 May.

And you can find out more yourself when Pitou plays:


05 - Newcastle, Hit The North
06 - Glasgow, Stage & Dagger
17 - Brighton, The Great Escape (The Uniterian Church)
18 - Brighton, The Great Escape (Komedia)

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Photo: Press