Ex Sugababe tells Gigwise…
Alex Donohue

15:57 8th June 2007

Former Sugababes singer Siobhan Donaghy has told Gigwise how she nearly quit the music industry altogether following her painful split from the mardy pop trio in 2001.

In an interview with Gigwise, Siobhan, who releases her second solo album 'Ghosts' on June 25, said how her bad experience with the Sugababes nearly forced her to quit the music industry for good.

She said: "When I left the Sugababes, I just thought music wasn't for me so that's why I left. It was just like, this industry isn't for me, I'm not strong enough for it. You know it was really beating me down."

However, Siobhan, who released her first solo album 'Revolution In Me' in 2003, said the press still find it hard to accept her as a solo artist. "They have to put me in an ex-Sugababes bracket, which is just so difficult…if they just saw me as a new artist it would be so much easier. Maybe I'll change my name."

Siobhan also hinted at Sugababes' obsession with fame as a reason for her quitting: "In my opinion I've never sold out. I left the Sugababes just before they did some campaign with McDonalds, I was like fuck that!"

The rest of Siobhan's interview with Gigwise will be on the site next week.

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