'Please take care of my babies,' he pleads
Julian Marszalek
13:10 9th October 2018

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OK, so we all have a little clear out from time to time but vegan techno superstar Moby is going all-out. Following the sell-off of more than 100 synths back in the spring, the ‘Play’ hitmaker is about to sell off nearly 200 drum machines.

Moby hopes that the sale of the equipment, which takes place at music gear website Reverb this Thursday (11 October), will raise money for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an organisation that seeks to change the way that doctors treat a range of diseases by empahasising prevention rather than cure.

"I’ve always been a little obsessed with drum machines,” said Moby. “In fact, I’ve always been a lot obsessed with drum machines. Over the years, I presumptuously believe that I have come up with the largest collection of analog drum machines in the world. There are hundreds of them and I loved each and every one of them. I hope that if you buy them, you love them as much as I did. Please take care of my babies."

So what’s up for grabs then? The sale is set to feature early models such as a pair of late-’50s Wurlitzer Side Man standing drum machines and Chamberlin Rhythmates, to a Roland TR-909 that Moby acquired in New York in the ‘90s.

Speaking of the vintage 50s equipment, Moby enthused: "Nowadays, most of our sounds are virtual, so there’s no box at all. I love this big, giant box and just imagining people in the '50s, '60s, and '70s carrying around drum machines that weighed 60 or 70 pounds.”

Which is all well and good but what’s really noteworthy is the absence of a Roland TR-808 in his collection, the mac daddy of modern dance music. Or maybe he just loves it so much that he’s keeping it for himself? And who could blame him? They’re the absolute nuts.

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