The freshest cut you’ll hear all day
Andy Hill
08:30 12th December 2018

What does freshness mean to you? That intoxicating perfume of newness? A clean break? Dewdrops, on virgin blades of grass, twinkling in the first uncertain seconds of another dawn?

Neighbours Burning Neighbours, a brand new Rotterdam outfit with deep roots in the scene (AC Berkheimer, The Sweet Release Of Death) know all about freshness. They’ve only played one gig so far and this, right here, is their debut video, available for the first time on Gigwise.

Get a load of that rich, earthy crunch, crowned with clean, colourful petals of Telecaster.

The band’s adorable ingenue scruffiness (cracked crash cymbal; bass guitar lashed together with electrical tape) really feeds that young vibe. Like a tree that still needs a length of bamboo to cling to for dear life, or a day-old foal stumbling blindly into a farmyard fence.

Video would appear to be shot in some kind of florists, which is peculiarly fresh in itself. Who’s the woman in the background, trimming flower stems like nothing is happening? A stalker, perhaps.

Thanks. Thanks for enjoying my florist joke.

Anyway, later, when Neighbours Burning Neighbours fully blossom, you can say you were right here at the beginning for this tender green shoot.

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Photo: Press