Ascend heavenward with Gothenburg’s indie song-sprite Fågelle
Andy Hill
17:20 2nd May 2019

Art, proper art, the hard stuff, at its most exquisite acquires a peculiar quality of weightlessness. Of this planet, perhaps in a way, and real – sometimes – but only as a rainbow or a moonbeam or an eyelash-flutter is real.

Anyway, get your ears around this extraordinary new number from Swedish noise-pop artist Fågelle.

Production wise it’s obviously flawless – for this we doff our cap to local Gothenburg bigwig Henryk Lipp, where Fågelle (real name Klara Andersson) apparently hangs out all day like a benign ghost.

But the tune itself, my word.

A sinuous vocal that weaves in and out of conventional tonality, hemmed in by a luxuriant thatch of luminous arpeggios.

Serene, ecstatic spells of sunlit major-key updrafts, punctuated with toe-curling crunches of unexpected harmonic discord.

Like waltzing across a frozen lake with your unrequited first crush.

Spiralling out of sight of sorrow and sunlight and sensation – weightless.

She's got an album titled Helvetesdagar out 24 May.

Discover more about Fågelle:

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Photo: Press