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Jessie Atkinson
10:00 6th February 2020

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Penny Betts have staked their claim as a great new indie rock'n'roll band with their new single 'Lights!'. On the back of a gorgeous psych-inspired guitar riff, the four-minute tune unravels its glorious sounds, revealing a gorgeous band of songwriters behind it.

With hedonistic guitar solos, relaxed vocals and the rolling symphony of that rhythm section, Penny Betts get down to the nitty gritty of what makes 70s rock so satisfying, while making sure their output is totally fitting for a modern audience. 

The tune was recorded directly to tape with Foals producer Brett Shaw, adding to the raw, sexy hedonism of the whole situation.

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Can't you hear the Arctic Monkeys in there? Tame Impala? Cream? It's a neat amalgam of influence that's heady and effective.

On 'Lights!' the band explain:

“It was written late at night all in one go, with lyrics and music arriving simultaneously...The groove of the song only came once we played it all together, changing it from a straight indie rock type track to something more authentic."

Eyes peeled for more from them. 

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