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Jessie Atkinson
12:30 1st October 2020

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Here it is, everyone: 'Love Collides' by Shambolics has arrived. Alan McGee's Creation 23 are releasing the fan live favourite everywhere tomorrow, but for today you can hear it all day on Gigwise. 

It's quite the journey live and it's just as good here: key changes, solos, euphoric choruses and irresistible backing vocals make 'Love Collides' one of the best Britpop-adjacent indie tunes in recent memory.

Tune in all day on Gigwise:

“Love is colliding but we can keep it together," the band's Darren Forbes said of the new track. Explaining its cathartic journey, he added: “the track contrasts between minor key and lyrics about how everything is breaking and then opens up in the chorus in a major key with optimistic lyrics."

'Love Collides' is the first track to be released from the group since pre-lockdown tune 'Sandra Speed'. Last year, Shambolics were signed to Alan McGee's Creation 23. During the height of quarantine, they released a series of covers, including an interpretation of Ivory Wave's 'Young Blood'. 

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