Dream pop meets cult drama
Jessie Atkinson
11:07 10th February 2021

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Brighton is alight with talent, as always. Today, the beach town's very own CIEL share their sparkling new cut 'Pretty Face', a nostalgic, day-dreaming dream pop cut that delves into a darker subject.

You might not know it from the sweetness of frontwoman Michelle Hindrick's vocals or the gentleness of the song's first half, but 'Pretty Face' is about a man losing his wife to a cult. Perhaps you'll get the jist as we move into the song's closing movement, when guitars take up the sound of buzzsaws and Hindricks seems to fade away. 

“I really got into watching documentaries about all sorts of cults during lockdown 2.0 - the psychology behind it really fascinates me. This one story really struck me, about this man that lost his wife to a cult, and now ten years later continuing life, knowing that she’s still somewhere out there-having to let go of her" Hindricks explained.

The single follows the teen film gloss of November's 'All My Life'.

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Photo: Julia Nala