Surreal electronic-punk trash-pop
Jessie Atkinson
11:40 6th October 2021

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A trend towards the surreal continues apace in the world of music today with the introduction of the brand new band Shelf Lives. This morning, they make their debut statement with 'Shelf Life'.

A mad collaged video joins the song, which introduces Shelf Lives as a trash-pop electronic-punk outfit with similarities to Kathleen Hanna's Le Tigre and Peaches.

The duo comprise of Toronto-born Sabrina and Northampton guitarist/producer Jonny.

“Shelf Life is about life. It’s short and fickle so, who cares! It can be chaotic, beautiful and brutal and all you can do is you. It’s essentially an unveiling that living your best life is actually just living your shelf life" the duo said of the track.


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Photo: Stewart Baxter