Soft girl summer is here
Lucy Harbron
14:00 7th June 2022

Calling all soft girls - the song of your summer might have just dropped. Courtney Marie Andrews has returned with a new track ‘Satellite’ to welcome in a new era. Announcing a new album called Loose Future, the singer is on an intergalactic search on this new song.

A love song through and through, ‘Satellite’ speaks to a desperation to discover someone new, and keep discovering till you know every part of them. Talking of the track, Courtney said: “I’ve written a lot of love songs, but there’s always a tinge of heartbreak but “Satellite” is a love song without caveats. I wanted to look forward, and fall in love with the mystery of someone. Let love in, without questioning or instigating how it might hurt me. Sonically, I wanted to go to space. This kind of love isn’t earthbound.”

In her signature country-twanged, hazy indie style, ‘Satellite’ sees her step into a more elevated sound from the 2020 album Old Flowers. Introducing bolder instrumentals without overcrowding her angelic voice - it seems like we’re finding the perfect balance on this upcoming album.

Loose Future arrives 7 October.

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Photo: Press