Fun punk with layered meaning
Dale Maplethorpe
15:36 30th November 2022

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If you’re a fan of pop-punk then you’re in for a treat as Hell’s Ditch have just released the new emotive, catchy and fun single ‘Take The Night Off’. The song acts as nostalgic escapism whilst still being able to convey a sound which is incredibly new and prevalent in today’s society.

If you block out the lyrics of this track and focus solely on what Hell’s Ditch deliver sonically then you are going to find yourself folded into the corner of a catchy chorus that you can have a dance and a drink to. Whilst this is almost certainly the vibe that the band were going for, the lyrics bring with it extra layers as they touch upon the growing gap between classes and the need for fair respect and compensation.

Vocalist Nick Davis spoke about the song, saying, “we’re made to feel lucky that we have a job and that we should be grateful for the opportunity to fight over scraps from the tables of the political class,” before continuing, “’Take The Night Off’ is about the need to live a life beyond the daily grind.”

The single comes out as Hell’s Ditch announce they are going to be doing a string of dates across the UK in 2023. Their tour will see them travel to audiences in Liverpool, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Peterborough and London.

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