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Jason Gregory

11:22 12th August 2007

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Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia has urged Amy Winehouse to stick with her career in music despite the stars recent troubles.

Winehouse was rushed into hospital last week, with tabloids suggesting that she’d suffered from a drugs overdose.

Talking about Winehouse's situation, Imbruglia said that she doesn’t believe Winehouse is “very comfortable with this whole fame thing.”

“I think she's an incredibly raw performer and a very real person and I don't think she's very comfortable with this whole fame thing. It shows,” Imbruglia told yahoo music.

"She's just got this gift you know, often people who are that talented struggle with all the attention and everything."

She added that she hopes Winehouse doesn't quit music in a bid to escape her fame.

"I hope she doesn't quit. I've read interviews where she's spoken about just wanting to be a mum and that's scary to think, that she won't make records."

Winehouse is currently understood to be in a £3,000-a-night Four Seasons Hotel, in Hook, undergoing treatment for her recent problems.

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Photo: Josh Cox