Singer also reflects on Bjork's influence...
Lauren Tones

10:37 3rd September 2007

Speaking exclusively to Gigwise, the quite brilliant M.I.A has called herself a reactionary and she will never settle for the quiet life.

The singer was referring to her Visa troubles in the US, where she was refused entry into the country despite being given no official reason.

Asked whether she would ever settle for the quiet life, she told us: “I don’t think I’ll ever change. I’m a reactionary. If I think yeah this is the quiet life, drama will always happen.

“Drama follows me around, so I’ve surrendered to it. Even when I settle down and have babies, there’s going to be baby shit drama going down at school! But it’s okay, it’s part of growing up, you have to just accept who you are.”

Elsewhere in the interview, M.I.A dispelled the need for huge political events like Live Earth, saying that musicians can do more by spreading positive vibes through their work.

She said: “We wouldn’t need that stuff if we built it into our daily living. Live Aid and all that stuff was good in the 80’s. It’s celebrities that I have a problem with. People should just help!

“Like Bjork - I learnt that from her when I supported her recently. She just has a weird energy about her as a woman and she spreads such positive vibes, there were birds singing and rainbows, we could even see a tornado happening!”

Look out for the full interview on Gigwise tomorrow.

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Photo: Linda Chasteau