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Jason Gregory

14:39 8th October 2007

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Former New Order bass player Peter Hook has told Gigwise that New Order no longer have a future.

Speaking ahead of the Q Awards - which are taking place in London this afternoon (October 8th) - Hook reaffirmed the stance that he took in May regarding his relationship with New Order’s other members, drummer Stephen Morris and guitarist Bernard Sumner.

“There is no future for New Order. I mean, not as it was anyway. If they [Morris and Sumner] want to form a New Order 2 then that’s what it should be viewed as,” said Hook.

Hook added that he didn't understand why Sumner and Morris released a statement in July to deny that New Order had disbanded.

He said: “I don’t think it will be New Order, it would be like carrying on with Joy Division without Ian [Curtis] – which is something we’d said we’d never do. Which is why I didn’t understand why those two said that because it’s as plain as the nose on your face that it’s not New Order.”

When asked why he was against continuing with New Order, Hook said it was because of the rest of the band’s “attitude.”

“I couldn’t carry on working the way they were working,” Hook explained, “and I didn’t like the attitude. Unless that attitude changes then it’s of no interest to me.”

He added: “I felt we had different ambitions and different ambitions from what the group was supposed to be about and it didn’t make sense to me.”

Hook was in London to present the Q Hero award which has been awarded to the late Tony Wilson.

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