Whilst Radiohead album goes on iTunes...
C Taylor

11:15 5th January 2008

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has attacked “isolated” serial internet users, despite his band embracing the web.

The singer-songwriter believes too many people now spend the majority of their time on the internet living alternative lives - whereas he still prefers the ‘real world’.

He says, “I don't want that. It lays bare the isolation of many internet users, who've got too much time on their hands. Sad.

"I prefer expressing myself in the real world.”

Talking of the internet, Radiohead have had a radical change of mind concerning iTunes.

Despite releasing their last album ‘In Rainbows’ themselves over the internet and refusing to let the online retailer sell individual tracks because they felt the album must be consumed whole, iTunes are now offering the album and its individual tracks for download.

What a fiendishly clever marketing scheme it‘s all been.

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