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Luisa Mateus

12:36 18th June 2008

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Jimmy Eat World have revealed that they will be heading into the studio to start recording songs for their forthcoming new album.

Speaking exclusively to Gigwise, bassist Rick Burch revealed that the band plan to head back into their very own home studio to start recording new material as soon as possible.

“We’re kind of feeling like we have a lot of ideas brewed up and we’re going to get cracking on some new music. Actually we have our own home studio that we recorded 'Chase this Light' in. So it’s really convenient,” he said.

“So far, we’re having the attitude of just doing it. And not having the attitude of trying to do anything, and just ‘Let It Happen’. With our other records, sometimes Jim will have a lyric melody or a guitar melody and we’ll build from that. Sometimes we just sit around and make noise and go from there.”

Burch said that the band hoped to step out of their current three year album cycle.

“We’re trying our best to break that and cut the time down – and at least cut a year off of that. That’s our goal. We want to be able to have stuff out there sooner.”

Jimmy Eat World's bassist said that the group currently has no plans to work with a well known producer on the record, but, he added, that could change.

“It’s always when you’re doing these songs and they’re coming together that names come to mind, and you think 'God, it would be great to get this person working on this song' and something like that might happen so we’re not counting that out,” he added.

Speaking to Gigwise at the Download festival, Burch said that the band were considering self releasing when their Interscope contract comes to a close, possibly following in the footsteps of Nine Inch Nails.

“It’s something we won’t count out. We have one more album to do on our current label, and after that I think we’re free agents. We’ll see what happens then,” Buch said.

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