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Jason Gregory

12:54 17th August 2008

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Peter Saville, who was responsible for the cover art on albums by New Order and Roxy Music, has declared the artistic medium dead.

Saville blamed technological advances, such as iPods, for the decline in popularity of cover art.

And he also singled out Britain’s changing youth culture, saying that the country faces a “social disaster”.

"The things that pop music was there to do for us have all been done... there's nothing to rail against now,” he told the Independent on Sunday.

"When I was 15, in the North-west of England.... the record cover to me was like a picture window to another world.

“Seeing an Andy Warhol illustration on a Velvet Underground album was a revelation.... It was the art of your generation... true pop art."

Sir Peter Blake, who designed the pioneering cover for the Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, also expressed his concern about decline in popularity of the CD.

"It [album art] survived from the LP to the CD, but... if that becomes obsolete then I guess album art won't exist. I think it would be a big loss,” he said.

What do you think about their comments? Do you think the cover is dead? Are you sad?

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