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Jason Gregory

12:52 15th September 2008

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Metallica cancelled an interview with a Swedish publication after one of their journalist's admitted to illegally downloading the band's new album.

In a review of 'Death Magnetic', which is currently number one in the UK, Jonn Jeppsson confessed to downloading a different version of the record – and said he preferred it to the official one.

It's understood that the songs had been edited by a Metallica fan, who then uploaded them onto the internet.

In a statement Per Sundin, president of Universal Music Sweden, called Jepssonn's review for Sydsvenskan “totally unacceptable”.

"The reviewer is referring to a BitTorrent where someone has altered the original songs. The reviewer explains exactly where one should go in order to download the file that totally infringes on a copyright,” he told Blabbermouth.

"It's not only an illegal file, but an altered file. The reviewer also writes that this is how the album should have sounded.

"File-sharing of music is illegal. Period. There's nothing to discuss. That fact - that Sydsvenskan has a writer that has downloaded this music illegally and then makes mention of an illegal site in his review.”

As previously reported on Gigwise, Metallica will perform their new album at the O2 Arena in London tonight.

Metallica At Leeds Festival 2008


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