Apparently they're hibernating...
Daniel Melia

13:16 14th March 2005

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JarvisIn an interview with 6 Music Jarvis Cocker has revealed that Pulp may not have disappeared forever, describing the current situation as a period of ‘hibernation’.

The band haven’t released an album since 2001’s ‘We Love Life’ and Cocker is currently living in Paris but speaking to Marc Riley he revealed he’s not ruling out anything.

Asked if the band had split for good he said: "We're far too lazy for that kind of dramatic-ness. Pulp, as I'm sure you kind of know, has undergone many periods of hibernation and stuff. I don't know whether we'll do anything again.”

"I've been doing Pulp since I was 15 years old and I'm now a 41 year old man. Even though we've never released that many records I was always doing it and I just thought 'I'll try summat else'.”

"I've been writing some songs. When I've got enough ones that I think are fit for human consumption then I'll try and decide what to do with them.”

"The main thing that I've done recently is to write some songs for the Harry Potter film, but that's just a shameless effort to try and ingratiate myself with kids."

‘Help the Aged’, songs for kids – what about the rest of us Jarvis, what about us!

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