He doesn't think celeb's should endorse products!...Himself excluded..
Lowri Williams

12:15 18th March 2005

What a wanker what a fucking wanker...One of the most hypocritical men in music, Moby has allowed himself to have yet another rant about one of his contemporaries.

The baldy singer has criticised Beyonce Knowles for teaming up with designer Tommy Hilfiger to front a new cosmetic line, reports Contact Music.

Beyonce has lent her name and image to Hilfiger’s new perfume ‘True Star’.

Moby said: "I see so many public figures just gratuitously lending their names to products that I really don't understand.

"I just wonder why, like, Beyonce's doing this Tommy Hilfiger thing, and isn't it enough to have $50 million? Do you need $51 million?"

He went on to say he did not mean to single Beyonce especially since she is linked with such powerful people like Damon Dash and Jay- Z, he said: "It wouldn't be good, because then all of a sudden Jay - Z and Damon Dash would be involved.

"I'd find myself at the bottom of the Hudson River."

Just to point out what everyone already knows. Moby has himself lent his music to numerous products, see the list below for more information.

Moby-affliated Adverts:Compiled By Brendan Hooper

Company: Intel Product: Pentium 4 Transmission date: November 2002 Song Title: We Are All Made Of Stars
Company: Learn Direct Transmission date: November 2000 Song Title: Rushing
Company: Maxwell House Transmission date: October 2000 Song Title: Honey
Company: Nissan Product: Almera Transmission date: March 2000 Song Title: Find My Baby
Company: Adidas Transmission date: February 2000 Song Title: Memory Gospel
Company: Renault Product: Kangoo Transmission date: November 1999 Song Title: Run On
Company: Rover Product: 400 Transmission date: January 1999 Song Title: God Moving Over The Face Of Waters

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