Stars get stuck in to protest 'carnival'...
Zoe Street

08:55 19th March 2005

Radiohead's Thom Yorke is joining a bevy of celebs and thousands of protesters for an all night carnival of music, art and protest for Trade Justice.

The spectacular event kicks off on April 15, forming part of a week of global action for Trade Justice.

London town is honoured with an urban-tastic gig at the Marquee Club featuring Nitin Sawhney, DJ Bobby Friction and many more.

Yorke will join board-treaders Vanessa Redgrave and Pete Postlethwaite for the nocturnal march itself, which will include a protest outside Downing Street.

Yorke explains, "It's an overnight 'happening'. And it’s happening at the same time as many events all around the world."

And there might even be a singalong if you're lucky.

"I'm going with a sleeping bag and a paint brush and maybe even a guitar if I can get it in the suitcase."

A paint brush. Well, most people would take a toothbrush, but it takes all sorts...

And before any pedant picks up on that, yes I know, he's bringing a paint brush for artistic purposes.

The protest calls on the Government to respect poorer countries' right to decide on trade policies that will end poverty and protect their environment. 

The vigil will takes place all night, concluding with a dawn procession and delegations meeting representatives from the main political parties. 


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