If the legendary drummer was given the chance...
Scott Colothan

13:26 2nd April 2009

Roger Daltrey has revealed that Keith Moon was such a massive fan of The Beach Boys he would have left The Who to join them.

Speaking to Australia's Courier Mail, Daltrey said of the late drummer: "He was a mad Beach Boys fan.

“He would have left the Who at the drop of a hat to join the Beach Boys. Even at our height, when the Beach Boys were on their way down and the Who were at the top of the world, if the Beach Boys had asked him to drum for them, he would have gone.

“We used to do 'Barbara Ann' for Keith to keep him happy!"

Elsewhere in the interview, Daltrey said it was always difficult to maintain a level of sobriety when his bandmate were indulging in debauchery.

He continued: “Some of it was very, very funny, but some of it was an absolute nightmare. I didn't used to mind the off-stage stuff, but when they got out of it on stage is what I didn't like.

“Whatever was going on in their heads I didn't care, but when it translated into the playing and the musical ability of the band, that's when it used to annoy me.”

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Photo: WENN.com