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14:13 18th May 2010

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Muse singer Matt Bellamy has revealed that their contribution to the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack is about his split from his girlfriend.

‘Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)’ is the lead single to the score, which is released on June 8.

Bellamy said he had written the song straight after breaking up with his girlfriend last year, and that it was about the moment two lovers meet for the first time.

"It was a song looking right back on that moment that you first get with someone and everything feels like its going to go on forever,” he said.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1, Bellamy continued: "The Twilight people contacted us and were very keen to get a song for their film and I thought 'Why not?'

"I might as well just bung it in there and get it out there because this song represents a bit of a difficult period for me in my life.”

The singer added that the track was "kind of like a cheesy love sentiment".

The soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse also features songs by Florence & The Machine, Beck, Bat For Lashes and The Dead Weather.

The film stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and is released on June 30.

You can see Gigwise’s guide to the soundtrack below.

 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack - Meet The Artists

  • Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner return this summer in the third installment of The Twilight Saga. Not only does Eclipse sees the love triangle between the three lovers escalate, but it also provides a welcome return to what promises to be yet another exciting soundtrack. Here Gigwise presents a brief round-up of what you can expect to hear when the film hits cinemas on June 30.

  • Metric - ‘Eclipse (All Yours)’ - The theme song for the film, ‘Eclipse (All Yours)’ was co-written by Metric and film composer Howard Shore. Singer Emily Haines has revealed that the song will appear in the last scene of the movie, and is performed from the point of view of Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart.

  • Muse - ‘Neutron Collision (Love Is Forever)’ - After initially ruling themselves out of making a third consecutive appearance in a row on a Twilight soundtrack, the British band are back with new song ‘Neutron Collision (Love Is Forever)’. A well-documented favourite of the Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, Muse’s effort is expected to debut on US radio in May.

  • The Bravery - ‘Ours’ - After the relative disappointment of their last studio album ‘Stir The Blood’ in 2009, ‘Ours’, the third song on the score, marks somewhat of a return for The Bravery. Still best known for their 2005 indie smash ‘An Honest Mistake’, expect Twilight to give the New Yorkers the boost they need to find their way back to the mainstream.

  • Florence & The Machine - ‘Heavy In Your Arms’ - After letting the cat of the bag during an interview with the NME earlier this year, Florence & The Machine’s appearance on the soundtrack is little surprise. Already one of the biggest solo acts in the UK, ‘Heavy In Your Arms’ could help make Florence Welch a household name in the US.

  • Sia - ‘My Love’ - With a new album ‘Born’ also out this summer, Sia’s appearance on the soundtrack to Eclipse couldn’t have been better timed. The Australian singer’s ‘My Love’ is expected to play a pivotal role in the film.

  • Fanfarlo - ‘Atlas’ - With its ethereal acoustics and singer Simon Balthazar’s delicate vocals, ‘Atlas’ seems tailor-made for the often overwrought vampire franchise. Already a favourite with bloggers and the underground, expect Eclipse to help lift Fanfarlo into the mainstream.

  • The Black Keys - ‘Chop And Change’ - Not one of the songs included on The Black Keys’ new album, ‘Chop And Change’ has already triggered excitement among fans of The Twilight Saga. And its no surprise, the American rock-duo’s music has already soundtracked a multitude of films and TV series, including The OC and Gossip Girl, so this is well worth waiting for.

  • The Dead Weather - ‘Rolling In On A Burning Tire’ - If Jack White and Alison Mosshart's track record is anything to go by, then Twilight fans are in for a treat with ‘Rolling In On A Burning Tire’. Recorded during sessions for their upcoming second album, you can expect the song to live up to the band’s visceral and raw rock influences.

  • Bat For Lashes and Beck - ‘Let’s Get Lost’ - Perhaps the most exciting song on the soundtrack, very little is known about Bat For Lashes and Beck’s collaboration for Eclipse. But fans can be sure to expect something special when it’s unveiled in June.

  • Vampire Weekend - ‘Jonathan Low’ - Already riding high fresh from the success of their second album ‘Contra’, Vampire Weekend have created ‘Jonathan Low’ especially for Eclipse. Expect it to feature a suitable mixture of the New York band’s indie and worldbeat influences.

  • UNKLE - ‘With You In My Head (feat The Black Angels)’ - Another exciting prospect on the soundtrack comes from UNKLE and The Black Angels. Still being kept under wraps, ‘With You In My Head’s title suggests a song that recalls Bella’s problematic relationship with vampire Edward, played by Robert Pattinson.

  • Eastern Conference Champions - ‘A Million Miles An Hour’ - You May not have heard of them, but Eastern Conference Champions, from Philadlphia, are no stranger to film and TV scores, with appearances in US shows including Friday Night Lights and Melrose Place. Like Hurricane Bells song ‘Monsters’ on the score to New Moon, ‘A Million Miles An Hour’ could well prove to be a surprise gem on Eclipse.

  • Band Of Horses - ‘Life On Earth’ - Aside from the arrival of another Twilight film, 2010 is also a year to look forward to because it marks the return of Band Of Horses. Not content with only releasing their own album ‘Infinite Arms’ in May, the band have also teamed up with Twilight producers to create this special track for Eclipse. It promises to me something special.

  • Cee-Lo - ‘What Part Of Forever’ - Eclipse looks set to go hip-hop with the arrival of Cee-Lo Green, whose of course if familiar to many as the frontman of Gnarls Barkley. He’s already driven fans ‘Crazy’ before, and we wouldn’t put it past the musician to do it again with ‘Life On Earth’ on the Eclipse score.

  • Howard Shore - ‘Jacob’s Theme’ - The score for Eclipse ends with ‘Jacob’s Theme’, a specially created number by composer Howard Shore - a three-time Academy Award winner for his work on the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. This promises to be a fitting end to the film, as well as a teaser for what to expect from the final installment of the franchise, Breaking Dawn, in 2011.

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