His parenting skills just ain't up to scratch...
Lowri Williams

14:25 31st May 2005

Liam Gallagher has made a vow to teach Pete Doherty a lesson in parenting as he feels that the Babyshambles frontman is a terrible father.

Gallagher and Doherty both have children by Lisa Moorish, Gallagher has a daughter Molly and Doherty has a son Estille.

Apparently Gallagher went to pick up Molly to take her on an outing over the weekend and was pissed off to find that Doherty had abandoned his son and was spending the weekend with Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace.

A source told the Daily Star: "Liam respects Pete as a musician and a rock n roll icon, but he is losing his temper with him as far as the kids are concerned.

"His children always come first and he thinks that Pete is a bad dad to Estille. Liam is fond of the boy as he is Molly's brother and can't imagine treating his two lads the same way. He thinks Pete should grow up and has vowed to make him sort it out.

"The fact that Pete has been waxing lyrical about his relationship with Lila has really wound him up.

"Liam is a great believer in looking after family. Liam pays around £2000 a month to Lisa for Molly.

"He doesn't begrudge it at all, but when Pete has been skint or blown all his money on drugs it's affected the household.

"What's more, Pete even visited the house when he was out of it on drugs and obviously Liam doesn't want that stuff around his daughter."

The mother of these children Lisa Moorish has said about Pete: "He does have a relationship with his son when he's able to but there are problems with drugs. I don't want them around my kids."

Any of you rock stars ever heard of condoms?

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