Music icon questioned Savile's home life
Michael Baggs

11:21 23rd November 2012

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Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that The Beatles had long been suspect of Jimmy Savile and his private life, as the presenter would never invite the band into his home when they gave him a lift home from shows.

The music legend says that the band spent time with Savile at gigs during their career but began questioning Savile among themselves when he would never invite the band into his home when they drove him home after shows.

McCartney's comments echo that of Status Quo, who recently revealed their suspicions of Savile's behaviour.

"When he’d gone we thought why doesn’t he let us in, what is it, because most people would have let us in that we gave a lift to," McCartney says in a new interview with The Independent.

"So we always thought there was something a little bit suspect."

McCartney also speaks openly in the interview about the music scene in The Beatles' heyday, revealing that the band never entertained underage groupies.

"We knew with under 16s it was illegal, so we didn’t do it," he added. "There was a definite no-no involved in underage kids."

Savile presented the last ever Top Of The Pops with Edith Bowman (among others)

Status Quo star Rick Parfitt revealed that he shared McCartney's suspisions in a previous interview.

Parfitt told The Telegraph: "A lot of us, like everybody else, we all kind of knew. We were all kind of suspicious of Jimmy Saville. We all felt, 'There’s something not right there.

"But we didn’t know what, and it was kind of in the back of our minds. But you could never quite suss him out. We did so many Top of the Pops, so many Jim’ll Fix Its."

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