Danielle Haim reveals influence of Stroke star
Michael Baggs

09:02 30th September 2013

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Haim have spoken of the influence Julian Casablanca had in the early days of their career, revealing he advised them to stop playing live and spend more time writing hits.

Danielle Haim formerly performed with Casablancas solo band, and revealed that experiencing the former Strokes star's writing process and advice on writing music was a huge influence for her own band.

"I think [the tour] was a huge turning point for us as because I got to see what really happens," Danielle Haim says in a new interview with Q Magazine. "I learned so much from Julian. I don't know if I can call him my mentor but he let me in on his writing process, and just gave me little tips of advice."

Watch Haim's 'Falling' video below

She adds that Haim were uncertain of their next step after playing a number of successful US gigs, and that he revealed they needed to spend less time on stage and more time writing future hits.

"I remember saying, 'I don't know what to do, we've played Los Angeles, where do we go from there?" She added. "He said, 'Stop playing [live] write some songs and hit the ground running'. And that's exactly what we did. We made sure the recording we did was good enough."

Below: Haim, live at Leeds Festival 2013

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